We don’t just hang around the Kansas City Metro.

Although the bulk of our work focuses (no pun intended) on the Kansas City Metropolitan area, we handle Visual Documentation for our clients on projects throughout the Midwest … and sometimes well beyond that.  The many smaller rural cities in Kansas and Missouri are often our destination.  Infrastructure projects like water main and sanitary sewer rehabilitation upgrades frequently require extensive PRE-Construction and POST-Construction photo or video documentation, and many also call for periodic ProgressPHOTOS of the construction activities as the work is completed.  Street improvements or new roadway construction are on this list, too, along with process plants, bridges, airports, and more traditional construction work.

That was the case for Columbus, Kansas, where Branco Enterprises (out of Neosho & Springfield, Mo.) handled the complete reconstruction of more than a half mile of North High School Avenue, stretching from Maple Avenue to KS Highway 160 on the north side of town.

This 2021 project provided an opportunity for P-Tn to capture the route before construction began, and later show the new pavement, as well as sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and a rail crossing that were part of the reconstruction work.  In the beginning, we provided ground-level photo/video documentation to show existing conditions, providing the contractor and city protection from claims or litigation relating to damage that may already exist.  However, we also created Pre-Construction AERIAL PANORAMAS – interactive PANOS that show the construction zones from above – using UAS-Drone technology.  After completion of the project, we produced another set of ground-based photos & videos, to show the completed work, and how it now ties into the adjacent properties.  In addition P-Tn flew aerial imagery of the entire roadway, combining it with the pre-flight footage to show how North High School Avenue had changed – editing a marketing quality video for posting to website, social media, or office lobby and conference room displays; HAVE A LOOK!

Keep P-Tn in mind for your projects beyond Kansas City.  We’ll go where you need us to, handling your photography & video construction documentation, as well as your creative marketing imagery.  You’re already on our websitescroll to the bottom of this page and get in touch!

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