P-Tn Operations Center in Overland Park, Kansas


We mentioned our new ‘digs’ last year, and now we’re fully settled into our Operations Office. We employed one of our INTERIOR ProgressWEBCAM Units to capture some of the work that went into getting an empty space set up and organized for our production staff workstations, with a shop for maintenance of our small fleet of TMS Trailer Units, plus an office for GM and Head Photographer (and DRONE Pilot), Travis, as well as a conference room so we can meet with more of you – our valued clients.  Nothing fancy here, but it accommodates our growth over the past several years, with a little extra room for future expansion.

Have a look at our TIME-LAPSE!

Later this spring, we intend to have an open house (or two) so our clients to stop by and get some hands-on interaction with our ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring and Security units, Trailers, FLOOD Lighting and more. You’ll see our display showing some of the ground AND aerial photography & videography we’ve handled for clients these past FIFTY Years!  And we’ll be able to show you how our LINKINGapp and other documentation deliverables simplify your photo/video record keeping, giving you some hands-on using our LINKINGapp on our computers. We’ll let you know when, but don’t hesitate to give a call anytime [913-384-9369] and arrange to come by for a one-on-one with Travis or Tim about any of our services. If you like talking to old people, I’m (almost) always available, too.
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THOUGHTS from the “BOSS”

It has taken FIFTY YEARS to get to this point in time, and – as Founder – I’m proud of where we’ve come, pleased that my sons are handling more and more of the operation as we go along, proud of our professional staff, and very pleased to have a long list of not just satisfied clients, but a list of loyal clients whom we respect for the quality of work they do, and the way they treat their customers and suppliers – such as P-Tn.

I would be pleased to add your name to that list …

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