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Introducing the NEW iPlanTables Mobile Commander. Get the power of a 43″ Touchscreen at your incident, jobsite, or for onsite plan review and management.  Mobile training is also a great use, but the list goes on. A complete turnkey solution, mounted and ready for field use in your SUV or VAN. 

As use of the iPlanTables Interactive Touchscreen approach to electronic document handling / management / storage grows among City Planners and Fire Marshals, we’re keeping up, with new models & configurations to meet those needs. 

The NEW Mobile Commander delivers the power of iPlanTables for you mobile vehicles and command centers for Fire, Law Enforcement, and City Emergency Administration applications.  You no longer have to reply on small screen devices to help manage your incident sites.  On site, you simply slide your workstation in or out to fit the field situation.  PC is included, plus waterproof keyboard & mouse, power inverter with battery backup.  Tilt it electronically to display for training or demonstration to dozens of emergency personnel at once.  GIS, Google Earth, Personnel Locater Software can be used to review photos, drone stills and video footage on a 43” 4K high resolution touchscreen monitor. 

The same system will permit AEC architects / contractors / engineers to bring large format plan reference and review to the site – wherever it might be.  Consider applications like this for surveyors, real estate developers, roof and thermal inspections, façade reviews, and more. 

We’ve taken the iPlanTable out of the executive office and into on-site construction job boxes.  Now a new group of customers are finding in-the-field benefits with interactive 4K resolution touchscreen monitors & computer systems far beyond the confines of administrative offices.  

DOWNLOAD THIS FLYER to learn more about the Mobile Commander iPlanTables model!

Contact us with questions, or have P-Tn schedule an iPlanTables WEBINAR on this and other models. 

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