In site web cams


EVERYBODY wants to keep ‘EYES’ on their jobsite.  Who’s entering, and when?  Has my material arrived?  Are all of the crews on site?  When did the last person leave at the end of the workday?  Was the main gate closed?  Anyone there on the weekend?  When did that delivery occur?  There are a lot of questions that might need answering, and you may not have been there when they happened.  And, of course, you always want to know if someone is visiting when the site is not active.

We can help with all of that, and we can create a Time-Lapse of your entire build!  There are two different purposes at play in these situations … project management and jobsite security.  Both call for keeping an ‘eye’ on your site, whether you are there, or not.

You’ve seen samples of the many marketing-quality Time-Lapse VIDEOS that we create, so you can share and show months of work in less than a minute.  This same P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring System archives daily captured PICS so you can access them in a calendar database.  Learn more about our ProgressWEBCAMS and Solar Trailers.  We now offer programming options to deliver motion detection day and night monitoring, with alerts on-site and alerts sent directly to you.  You’ll hear more from us as we go forward, but you are welcome to contact our staff and discuss your needs – we’re here to help you know what’s happening at your site.

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