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WE ARE NOT moving P-Tn to Las Vegas, but the Building Science Symposium Series is!  The BA* and BEER Symposium Series for 2024 has wrapped up with four successful events throughout 2023.  A new series will be announced for the 2024 calendar year soon, but coming up first is the IBS 2024 event, to be held in Las Vegas, NV this coming February.

The speakers and the topics to be presented are some of the same you’ve heard about in promotions for BS and BEER Symposiums during 2023.  The subject of building science will once again be the focus of topics presented by Ben Bogie, Steve Baczek, Ross Trethewey, Jake Bruton, and more, as they share their insights.  Lunch and a few pints with other industry leaders are always a part of the program.

Visit the website [which P-Tn has the privilege of maintaining for this great non-profit] and get all the details about this event and those to come.  CLICK THIS LINK for an introduction to BS* and BEER … the Building Science Symposiums program.

Or get the scoop on the LAS VEGAS event and register HERE!

For all you building professionals out there, you know that BS* is part of the process, and nothing goes better with BS* than a little BEER.  (BS* = Building Science).

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