Newly Rebuilt RR Bridge near the KAW River


NO – this is NOT a scale model railroad in my basement!

We’re emphasizing a newly rebuilt railroad BRIDGE along the KAW.

However, this is also an excellent illustration of work that goes unnoticed [except by the railroad, of course] because it’s inaccessible to the general public, and even to those in the business of bridge building or railroad maintenance.  The only way to share work like this is to photograph or video it shortly after completion of the work … and drone aerial imagery is often the best (Read: ONLY) way to illustrate expansive areas of projects like this, or roadways, parking facilities, or large industrial campuses.

These photographs are further utilized by our clients through production of Wall Display color enlargements for office hallways or conference rooms, or for project closeout gifting to the owner or architect/engineer. Whether captured from the ground or air, professional images of your work are not just for brief Social Media posts – they should be properly printed and framed [with a title that includes your company name or logo] and shared with the team, or prominently displayed where your clients will see them for years to come, whether in your office or theirs.

Take a minute to see some ideas for Wall Display options; WALL DISPLAYS

And, yes, I mentioned UAS-Drone AERIAL VIDEO Imaging!  HAVE A LOOK!

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