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Here we are once again – on the streets of the Kansas City Metro.   Another street maintenance or improvement project has come our way, and we’re out completing documentation (this time VIDEO) along the route.  We’re creating a POST-Construction video record of the completed repair work along an Overland Park major traffic artery.  Our last article on the subject had Travis in La CYGNE, KS … before that, we’ve been in BLAIR, NE, plus a number of other recent out of town project locations. 

Please remember that we do travel, for PRE and POST-CONSTRUCTION photo & video documentation.  Pretty much anywhere in the Midwest is within our reach, so don’t hesitate to let us know where you’re going next and ask us for an estimate or formal proposal. 

Also, remember how we compile your documentation – using our LINKINGapp All Digital Delivery System, which links your photographs and narrated videos directly to the original PDF plan sheets.  You search the page you need, and press PLAY for video covering the area of interest, or you click an ARROW to see any individual photo along the route.  Watch this INTRO! 

Call P-Tn.  We’ll get you protected before construction at any project site in the Central Midwest and beyond.  You and the owner will be impressed with our LINKINGapp.  Post-Construction documentation can be just as valuable to capture an official record showing completion of your work and the condition you left things in; insure against unjust claims or disputes. 

Our LINKINGapp can be used to deliver your ProgressPHOTOS, UAS-Drone Aerial Imagery, and your Mechanical System OWNER TRAINING SESSIONS, too.

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