Building Science Symposium scheduled for Silver Spring Maryland | P-Tn


The Building Science Symposium is marching on to yet another destination in February of 2023!

Silver Spring, Maryland is the city, the Silver Branch Brewing Company is the venue, and the dates are February 23rd and 24th.  Get all the details about speakers and topics at the Mid-Atlantic Symposium Page on the website.

Symposium Schedule, Registration, and more are available for all you building contractors who want to get together and BS about BS* [Building Science, of course].  Previous Symposiums this past 2022 have been very successful, and valuable to hundreds of attendees.  Get involved, whether you live in Maryland, want to travel to Maryland, or know someone who’s name is ‘Mary’ … visit the website to get the scoop and register.  Visit last years’ Midwest Symposium in this VIDEO!

And while you’re there … The website was (re)built just last year and is now maintained by P-Tn.  So, if your site needs a little TLC, or if you want to establish a footprint online with a new site, contact P-Tn and let’s discuss it.  You may be surprised to discover how economical it is to get things started.  Enjoy Maryland!

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