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I’m no Social Media Influencer, or anything like that, but I work diligently to keep our client base informed about P-Tn.  We have fifty years of business HISTORY, and a long list of faithful, valued clients from those decades.  I am always working to share the improvements we’re making in the quality of our services, as well as the variety of services that we offer.  P-Tn’s e-NEWS CONTACT Newsletter is our best method of reaching out to clients – having that opportunity to “talk”.  I’m inviting you to click NEWSLETTER in our website toolbar at, or the link below, and permit us to ‘talk to you’! 

Over the years (decades), one of our biggest challenges has been to help make our clients aware of just how many different things we do – our services line-up.  For a small business, we do offer a wide variety of talents & skills.  All are related in some way to the architecture / engineering / construction (a/e/c) and real estate industries … but they span a range of different needs and solutions.   

Our slogan states PHOTO / DIGITAL / VIDEO and uses our adopted term of Visual Documentation, but those don’t truly describe what we can do for our many clients.  The scope of our scope of work ranges from PRE-Construction photos or videos, thru progress from the air and/or ground, to aerial panoramas and interior 360-degree images, plus web camera site monitoring and security, as well as owner training session videos and electronic project closeouts.  I’ve already missed a number of subsets within those categories and haven’t mentioned M-E-P “as-built” photography or that we link virtually all of our imagery to your plan sheets – for easy retrieval and viewing.  We also sell iPlanTables Interactive Workstations to bring all your digital documentation together in one place.  We are constantly bidding construction projects throughout the Midwest to provide services, and our creative marketing photography (people & buildings) comes in on top of all that.  It’s not endless – but it’s a lot. 

My point is that a visit to our website – just the HOME PAGE – may enlighten you on ‘other’ services we might be able to provide.  Don’t assume that whatever we have been delivering to your door is ALL that we do.  Our Newsletter will help bring that message to your office or desktop or phone. 

I’m well aware that we all have too much information coming at us all day long, but I promise we will work to bring valuable info to you thru our e-NEWS CONTACT Newsletter and try to be entertaining in process.  I’m old, but sometimes I can be humorous . . . ? 

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