Drone still shot from video showing a shot from 10-30 feet off of the ground looking at a close up of a football field's turf | P-Tn


KEEP “WHAT” ON THE DOWN LOW?  Well, it’s NOT our growing UAS-Drone 4K AERIAL Imaging Services, it’s the “ALTITUDE”!   Our FAA Certified pilots are handling more and more assignments using drone aircraft, and delivering still & video imagery, or raw data, in a variety of formats.  We’ll be sharing more about that in the coming weeks … so, stay tuned. 

The “ALTITUDE” is what you should be considering in the drone aerials you may be hiring.  Is your chosen pilot delivering both L-O-W altitude (I’m talking 10-30 feet above the ground) along with the FAA regulated maximum ‘LOW’ altitude that a drone can typically fly (no more than 400 feet).  This VIDEO of new football field turf shows you the limits; HAVE A LOOK.  If you’re not receiving BOTH perspectives, you’re missing out.  P-Tn pilots are always finding opportunities for additional compositions that are more up close and personal – and our drones deliver. 

If you have the right [DRONE] pilot.  By the way, have you ASKED & VERIFIED their certification?   

When we flew fixed-wing airplane aerials for decades, the question was often, “can you get me close-ups of …”.  In addition to using telephoto lenses, we would sometimes opt for expensive helicopters that could fly at half the altitude of an airplane, or less.  But we were moving at 50-150 knots, so you passed that target very quickly; hovering in a helicopter is not a simple maneuver, and not always safe, so the helicopter presented its own set of unique challenges.  Now we have DRONE technology, with all its advantages, and many pilots are trying to keep the altitude at the upper limits of 400-feet.  Well, the truly L-O-W altitude capability of a drone is where the creative maneuvers and unique compositions happen. 

We’ll find those sweet spots for our clients, we’ll capture them, and we’ll edit them into your final videos or bring them to life in professional color enlargements for wall display in your offices. 
Let us show you.

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