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This P-Tn Time-Lapse was a long time in the making.  The Kansas City ZOO Sobela Ocean Aquarium project got underway back in 2021, and celebrated its Grand Opening this September!  P-Tn installed a ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring System shortly after site clearing, when grading and excavation work was underway.  We’ve been patiently monitoring construction site activities throughout the build, capturing daily images and editing a P-Tn Time-Lapse Video of the entire build.  The end result yields an opportunity for viewers to see two years of hard work, condensed to less than two minutes in this VIDEO!

Learn more about the KC ZOO and the Sobela Ocean Aquarium!

Our staff worked with J.E. Dunn Construction, General Contractor for the project, to find a great location overlooking the project site.  We then installed a fixed-lens wide-angle camera southeast of the main construction zone and began capturing images.  Our system offers several valuable construction site monitoring tools (image archive, map, email, weather…) that were available to the management team & owners throughout construction, but our primary objective was to capture dailies and edit this Time-Lapse … a service we have provided on other J.E. Dunn projects, as well as for many of our valued P-Tn clients in Kansas City, for projects throughout the Midwest.

Learn more about our ProgressWEBCAM Systems HERE, or give us a call to discuss your Time-Lapse marketing or site monitoring & security interests.  See more of our P-Tn Time-Lapse VIDEOS HERE!  Can we build one for you?

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