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iPlanTables 2023 CATALOG + WEBINARS

P-Tn is Your CONNECTION to iPlanTables.  Right here in Kansas City, thru the Midwest, or elsewhere in the continental USA, we will get your iPlanTables Interactive Workstation to your office.  There was a price R-E-D-U-C-T-I-O-N on several models when we recently received the 2023 CATALOG.  You don’t see that these days, but it’s true!  And, if you would like to receive a 2023 Catalog, please get in touch.

This catalog will also discuss the advantages in managing plan sheets and other documents on an interactive touchscreen monitor that articulates from flat, to sitting, to standing, to presenting to a group.   The benefits of those positioning options for humans are significant, and well documented.  For office, plan review departments, job sites on construction, or vehicles for fire or emergency management in-the-field, there is a long list of reasons to make the change to electronic document management, with an iPlanTables Workstation at the center of it all.

Our focus is letting you know that we’re here to schedule an online WEBINAR with an iPlanTables expert, for you, your associates, and your purchasing decision-makers.  If you schedule your webinar thru P-Tn, we will thank you with a $100 CASH Shavings discount on your initial iPlanTables order – regardless of which model(s) you might choose.  There are several to select from, and each is customizable with extra screens, computer specs, and accessories … not to mention the size options on most monitors.  We’ll send you a flier (digital file) that compares the models and offers general pricing.  Let us know if you’d like this emailed, even if you don’t want to schedule a webinar right now.

Basic questions?  Give us a call and we’ll cover those over the phone, or get a webinar for you or your team on the calendar.  Ask for that 2023 Catalog when you call.   913-384-9369

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