aerial panoramic view drome a drone of a residential neighborhood | P-Tn


AERIAL Construction Progress Documentation is not expensive!

P-Tn has been providing aerial photographs to clients for decades.  Fixed-wing airplanes, helicopters, and now UAS-Drone Aerial Systems.  We even operated our own helium blimp at one point.  Regardless, we offer a unique service that delivers AERIAL documentation of construction projects at very economical rates.  Our P-Tn360 UAS PANORAMAS show everything on the ground … clearing & site grading, active construction, material storage, building facades, site work, landscaping, and site clean-up … all from a birds-eye view of the project.  But there’s more, these aerials are INTERACTIVE and HI-RES!   Available online, you can PAN and ZOOM within each PANO, to get a really good look at the conditions on the ground. 

Let us SHOW YOU what a PANO can do!

Now, take a minute to visit this storm drainage project site PANORAMA, flown after completion of the main channel, as property restoration and landscaping is being completed.  All PANOS begin with a NORTH orientation, and will automatically rotate clockwise after a few seconds.  Remember to pan & z-o-o-m!  The image resolution at the surface is sufficient to count scrubs (or lumber and pipe) on the ground.  Click the RED DOT in any view and you will ‘jump’ to another PANORAMA.  CLICK HERE – P-Tn360 PANO

And I said NOT expensive … PANOS begin at $175 for a KC METRO site, while fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter flights can cost $450+ to accomplish.  We heavily discount multiple PANOS on the same site visit, so you can economically cover your building with multiple views, or sequence them along a pipeline or street.

Are you reading this because you saw our FREE AERIAL 360-PANORAMA offer?  Call us to schedule yours!