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HOW’s THE WEATHER (at your job site)?

WEATHER – BAD Weather, is not the only thing you might want to keep track of at your local or out-of-town job site … there may be a lot of things going on.  However, you CAN do it from the comfort of your office!  We install and host ProgressWEBCAMS on many different construction projects. Our systems deliver PICS to an online archive throughout the work day, so you can check to see what’s going on now, and look back to see what happened earlier … today, yesterday, last week, or last month.  Has the snow melted?  Is the survey crew on site?  Did those materials arrive? 

Especially on remote sites, where your personnel are not there every day, you are relying upon others to keep you informed of weather, and other site conditions, and deliveries, and subs or crews prepping for your work on the next phase of subcontract work.  Our ProgressWEBCAM Systems can offer sophisticated Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, or relatively simple super-wide angle ‘static’ models.  Either approach will give you eyes at your site when you need it.  Save money on trips by you or key personnel, confirm deliveries and other subcontracting activities.  Give some thought to this option for keeping track of local (or remote) project sites using our P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring And ask us about the level of Security Monitoring we can provide, too. 

A ProgressWEBCAM and UAS-Drone AERIAL Progress make for great SITE COVERAGE! 

Keep us in mind for AERIAL Progress Reporting using our UAS-Drone services and FAA Certified Pilots.  We offer UAS-Drone AERIAL PANORAMAS as an entry-level opportunity for AERIAL Progress Documentation, and it starts between $175-$225.  Ask us about site cameras; ask us about drones.  Ask us about anything photo / video! 

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