Airport ECONOMY PARKING sign at night |


Let me remind you that P-Tn is celebrating 50 YEARS in business this year!  Over that time, we’ve established and maintained working relationships with many major construction industry players in the Kansas City Metro and the Central Midwest.  We’ve photographed and/or videotaped countless projects throughout the region.  One of our many valued clients is Superior Bowen of Kansas City, Missouri. SB is celebrating 75 YEARS of building!

We were asked to re-supply some construction and final photographs from our archives, for review and possible use in their 75-year milestone celebrations.  We are sharing just one shot here – a dusk/night view of the main entrance sign at the Kansas City International Airport ECONOMY PARKING Facility for what was then terminals A, B, and C.  We’ll arrange to show you more, so “stay tuned”. This project was completed primarily in 2003 and 2004.  From P-Tn’s perspective … it was a massive job, in both size and scope of photographic and video documentation.  It was also our first major collaboration with Superior Bowen, and the establishment of a great long-term working relationship with Mr. Bob Jewett, whom many of you know.

Over half a century, P-Tn has built solid business relationships with hundreds of AEC (architectural, engineering, & construction) professionals and companies throughout Kansas City and the Central Midwest.  We’re proud of those accomplishments, proud to have these great companies & individuals on our client list, and proud to still be delivering our Visual Documentation services … after all these years.  Learn more about our services and accomplishments by visiting our website or following us on social media.  Or … by giving us a call and talking with Travis or Tim about your current needs.

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