high school students look at camera on one side of photo with camera right side shows camera being hung by worker


We told you … Turner High School is building another HOUSE! 
Construction is getting underway for the Turner High School Woodworking Class new residential build.  Scott Hughes and his students will begin managing construction of their newest spec home in Kansas City, Kansas.  This project offers hands-on participation and involvement of students in his classes during this academic year and the next. 

P-Tn is supporting the effort with one of our popular Visual Documentation services – a single-camera ProgressWEBCAM Site-Monitoring System.  Our unit is now installed on-site and delivering daily-captured images from each workday to this dedicated Online ARCHIVEpics INTERFACE.

This will permit the project team, volunteers and contributors, the sub & materials suppliers, and of course the students at Turner High School, to WATCH and monitor all the work that will be going into this build.  Through our ProgressWEBCAM, you too will have the opportunity to watch the daily construction progress, see crews and students at work, access archived photos from the beginning of the build, and eventually see the creation of a P-Tn time lapse video of the home constructed from start to finish in less than a minute!

We invite you to share the latest progress with your friends at school and in the community.
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