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With your help, we will help you!  

Please guide our staff at P-Tn in better understanding the different types of professional photography & video services you encounter in your business, and how you address them. VISIT e-NEWS plus+ BLOG  to see what we are currently providing our clients, and let us know specifically how we might help you!

Here’s a starting list to consider;  

pre-construction site conditions .. construction progress .. site-monitoring web cameras .. web cameras for site security .. time-lapse video creation .. aerial photography .. drone aerials .. site mapping .. thermal imagery .. solar panel (thermal) inspection .. roof or facade inspection .. wind generator inspection .. bridge inspections .. 360-degree panoramas .. 3D laser scanning .. in-wall or as-built photos of M-E-P systems .. owner training videos .. electronic project closeout .. staff headshots .. social media features .. high-quality marketing or promotional imagery .. video ‘shorts’ for marketing .. video editing .. website design & content maintenance .. event or project groundbreaking photography? 

So, do you …  

  1. Have the need for the above imaging services?  Which ones?
  2. Make use of them routinely in your day-to-day operations?
  3. Handle them in-house using the skills of your own staff?
  4. Hire a professional or small business to provide these services?
  5. Wish you could find a qualified provider?

#5 above is an obvious give-away. However, many of our clients do not realize how many different PHOTO / VIDEO services we offer at P-Tn. The HOME page of our website lists most, and our SERVICES page provides details on all. Our e-NEWS plus+ BLOG shares features about how we are delivering those services to valued clients for the past 50-years. Our Newsletter does the same, and we hope you will SIGN-UP to learn more about P-Tn Visual Documentation. 

Please tell us what you need (from the list above), and contact us to discuss how we might solve the challenges you face in securing professional-quality photo / video / digital imagery. 

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