P-Tn Installing Flood Light Monitoring System


Here’s the ‘old guy’ again, up on a ladder … installing at a construction site. This time we’re putting in one of our MOTION DETECTING FLOOD units that will illuminate the rear of a residential construction site while it’s under construction. When someone moves into the ‘zone’ three flood lights go on, along with an amber strobe to attract attention. This will encourage any unwelcome visitor to stop and leave the area. The real secret is that one of our ProgressWEBCAM units is watching and recording (with night vision and motion recording) from an opposing vantage point.

These new FLOOD units are intended primarily for use on the mast of our small-footprint trailer units, using solar power for the FLOOD system. This provides a worklight when visiting remote field offices without power, after dark, and discouraging unwanted visitors. AND, the trailer can be outfitted with a ProgressWEBCAM site monitoring unit, too, for archived image capture throughout the day, creation of a Time-lapse Marketing Quality Video of your build, and more.

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