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We could go on about iPlanTables Wide-format Interactive Touchscreen Workstations forever.

The long-term economic advantages of electronic document management are numerous.  That’s why so many firms are converting to all-electronic plan sheets, and selecting iPlanTables as the centerpiece. This is true for more than just the architecture / engineering / construction industries; Municipal Plan Review Departments, City Planners (like the City of Shawnee, Kansas), and Fire Marshals are discovering the efficiency of going paperless, too. You may already be aware of these benefits, and may even know the iPlanTables name as the nation’s leading supplier of wide-format touchscreen workstations for plan review and management. If you do not yet own one, let P-Tn arrange an INTERACTIVE WEBINAR with iPlanTables President, Kevin Rowe.  **Ask for a complimentary “$100 COST SHAVINGS Coupon” when you schedule thru P-Tn!

Why should you sign up for an Interactive Webinar?
– They have shown to answer 99% of prospective buyers typical questions.
– Every situation is different – we will ask questions as well as answer them.
– One size does NOT fit all. There are 8 iPlanTables models available.
– You will access 30 years of industry experience.
– iPlanTables does not just sell workstations; we sell solutions.
– Tips on the available software will be discussed.
– Discover how others use iPlanTables to streamline workflows.
– **P-Tn Is Your CONNECTION to iPlanTables Workstation Online Webinars!
– Let us schedule 25 minutes that will dramatically improve how you work.
– Call or email ERIC to arrange a webinar for you and your colleagues.

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