House Being Demolished During Winter | P-Tn


The DEMO on this residence is pretty much complete. Take our word for it – it came down F-A-S-T! Excavation for the new foundation is now getting underway. Our ProgressWEBCAM has captured daily images of the demolition and site clearing, so we can share this initial P-Tn Time-lapse [CLICK HERE], which also includes a birds-eye view of the before DEMO and after, courtesy of our Head Drone Pilot, Travis Berndt. More to come on this build, as we will add to the Time-lapse video during the new construction … so stay in touch and visit this page again!

If you happen to be involved in this Catalyst Construction project, get in touch with me, or Travis & Joe, and we’ll let you know how you can subscribe to the daily ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Online INTERFACE.

Cant’ wrap this up without crediting Catalyst Construction here in Prairie Village, and its owners, Travis Brungardt & Joe Cook. This new build is their project – we’re just watching it happen – and keep in mind that this is a High Performance Home, so its way more than your average house; that’s Catalyst’s specialty.  Learn more at their website or contact Travis & Joe by EMAIL thru their CONTACT PAGE.

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