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This photograph of the beautiful Optimist River Park in Blair, Nebraska and the nearby Missouri River Bridge is simply a reminder that we travel.  Did you know we travel?  Although most of our photographic, video, drone, and ProgressWEBCAM work is indeed handled in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding 100-miles, we travel out of town for a considerable amount of work.  ProgressWEBCAMS are intended for remote locations, and we install.  Quality UAS-Drone imagery is not readily available everywhere (note that I said “quality”), so we go where our clients need us.  We provide construction progress documentation on jobs in ‘less-known’ cities.  Some of our clients provide unique services that are sometimes in equally unique and remote sites.  Marketing photography has taken us to finished projects across the nation. 

When you have a need for any of P-Tn’s Visual Documentation Services [see what we offer on our HOME PAGE], do NOT assume you can get it cheaper, or better, by searching for someone ‘local’ at your project location.  Give us the opportunity to provide a quote or estimate.  You will receive the professional work you are accustomed to though P-Tn here in Kansas City, along with our unique LINKINGapp All-Digital Delivery.  AND you just may find that the cost of travel is less than you thought – or well worth knowing that you WILL get the results you need; on time! 

For that matter, we do on occasion collaborate with other photographers (and certified drone pilots) in distant project locations.  This ProgressWEBCAM and DRONE AERIAL VIDEO was clearly NOT in Kansas City!  We can take the headache out of finding and directing remote pilots to ensure good results, as well as handling post-production editing and/or plan-sheet LINKINGapp delivery of the imagery and data you need.  So, we can sometimes handle an out-of-town assignment for you, without even leaving town! 

In recent years, the volume of PRE and POST-Construction photo/video project documentation has more frequently taken us quite some distance from our stomping grounds here in the Kansas City metropolitan area!  Major cities like Topeka, St. Joseph, Omaha, Grand Island, Wichita, OK City, Austin, TX., Joplin, Jefferson City, Columbia, Mo., Iowa City have been our destinations … or we’ve ‘landed’ (by car) in the adjacent smaller towns like Dodge City, KS., Garden City, KS., Columbus, KS., Kiowa, KS., Enid, OK, Fairview, OK., and on and on – enough, already. . . and don’t forget our photo of good ole Blair, Nebraska. 

We could at least mention the states of Washington, California, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, and let’s not neglect Colorado. 

That’s a long and unnecessary geography lesson, but you get the idea – we do travel.   

Can we handle an assignment in a city near you?  Or in that city far, far away? 

Our most valuable offering for current clients would likely be PRE and POST-Construction photo/video of street improvements, waterlines, sewer improvements, and other infrastructure projects in those many small(er) rural towns where your work demands quality documentation or remote site monitoring.  When the job’s done, we can edit a marketing video, like this small town STREET REHAB.  Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can handle that work for you on your next out-of-town construction project.

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