P-Tn Commercial Real Estate Imagery



Professional photography of commercial real estate properties will elevate the quality of the images you share with potential investors, buyers, and prospective tenants. P-Tn delivers a ‘package’ that includes a dozen ground-level exterior views of the building and property. In addition, a series of UAS-Drone AERIAL views will show the structure, roof, parking areas, entire property, and the adjacent streets, major interchanges, or infrastructure. We will include interior views that document structure conditions, tenant lease activities, and other improvements.

Let’s not forget that VIDEO coverage is an option, especially for the drone aerial imagery, and that we can edit into a professional video ‘short’ or slideshow, including all the photos, too, plus titles to identify the property and show your company name & logo – with background music added for presentation to investors, prospects and colleagues.
Contact our staff to discuss your commercial real estate property photo and video imaging needs. Aerials, ground photographs, interiors, plus panoramas are all available thru P-Tn.

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