Drone aerial of new streetscape intersection


City Streetscapes are another example of expansive projects that are a challenge to share with associates, clients, and prospective customers.  The scope and scale of even small(er) streetscape projects demands quality imagery – whether still photos or video coverage – to capture the entire project.  Employing aerial imagery is a must.

Start with photos or video of the completed project, but pre-construction views of the existing streetscape will become valuable comparisons – after completion, just as much as ground level or aerial imagery – during construction progress.  We can help coordinate all of those site visits to capture the whole project story. 

On this VIDEO, we included ground photos of signage and other detailed features in a video that essentially shows the entire project from the air.  A storm drainage pipeline and outfall structure is also included in this video as another example of a large-scale project that is best shown from above.  Have a LOOK.

Marketing may be the primary application for videos or video-slideshows of this type, but marketing means many things.  Your website should be at the top of the list, followed by social media platform posting.  You might also include a link to your newest promotional video in your email signature.

A flat screen TV in your lobby or conference room is an ideal way to showcase your work – with video or still photos.

Give some serious thought to professional WALL DISPLAY enlargements for visitors to your office, or to present to the project owner and design team after project completion.  Small framed prints given your own key crew members, superintendent, and project manager are much appreciated.  These might be traditionally framed color enlargements, or canvas printed photos that require no framing, or hi-tech prints on metal (framed or not).

Give our staff a call to discuss any marketing photography or video ideas you may be considering.
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