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Every building has a story – at least one!  And many buildings have several stories.

Click READ MORE to watch a building “story”.  Of course, I’m referring to the ‘story’ about building your building  . . . they are all worth telling, and sharing those stories will likely help bring you an opportunity to building the next one.  P-Tn can deliver that story in photos and video, so you can post your success to social media, your web site, at meetings & tradeshows, on the walls in your offices, or through email and other communications.  Here’s a BUILDING STORY featuring the Medical Office Building at 44th&Broadway, on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, renovated by David E. Ross Construction.

A little pre-planning is really about all that’s needed; we’ll handle the rest.  Pre-Construction documentation of the site sets the stage.  Thereafter, construction progress – whether recorded from the ground or thru drone aerial flights – will show the milestones of project site development … then structures, and landscaping.  LOOK HERE!  Once enclosed, interior views will record the progress you can’t see from the exterior overviews.  Drone flights or a video walkthru i-n-s-i-d-e the structure will bring an added dynamic to project reporting.  Once complete, P-Tn will professionally edit the photos and videos into a single presentation with your company logo, job titles, and other promo information, delivering you a quality marketing video that’s ready for social media & online posting to share with your current clients and future prospects.

We didn’t mention the options for substituting (or adding) a P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM Site Monitoring Unit to record the entire build, from grading to landscape.  We will create a Time-lapse video of your project that is marketing quality and ready to post, like THIS ONE!  That’s in addition to the benefits of LIVE VIEW access to site activities, an archive of daily image captures, and more.  We can also install an interior ProgressWEBCAM to follow and record completion from the inside, such as a LOBBY AREA, after the structure has been enclosed.  There’s also a security aspect to having our ProgressWEBCAM System on your site, which can be a valuable option to consider.

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