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We’ve been helping keep our clients informed of Building Science Symposium events for more than a year, now.  It was last summer that P-Tn was able to assist this non-profit by redesigning and rebuilding their website, which you are invited to visit at  The BS* is not what some might think, but instead refers to Building Science, which has the focus of bringing contractors together at these events, to network, learn about best practices in building, discover new products, and – of course – have a beer together, too!

Our involvement has been focused on the website, along with some event photography and videography we’ve created for their organization.  This VIDEO  is also posted on their website and gives you the feel and “taste” (pardon the pun) of a Building Science Symposium event.  The introduction this year of a program to assist small contractors with the cost & logistics of attending a Symposium prompted the addition of a new website page; SPONSORSHIPS.  It explains the assistance program – generously subsidized by a select group of past & present sponsors – and provides for online applications.  Take a look and pass the word along to someone you know that it might help.

There will be more things coming from this organization as the year progresses, so spend some time on the site and learn more about what this non-profit is doing to bring small business owners together, using an event format that shares knowledge, skills, products, and a little beer – for everyone’s benefit!

If you are a small business that might profit from establishing a website presence, but don’t have one … let us know and maybe we can help.  If your current site needs some TLC, or a refresh, perhaps we can help with that, too.

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