Surely you been noting that we often include the website in our social media and BLOG posts, and we do so for good reason.  We had the pleasure of refreshing (rebuilding) the site for two gentlemen who work tirelessly to teach the fine art of fine home building to the next generations of contractors and tradesmen.  Building Science* is what they share .. affectionately referring to is as “BS*” .. and their efforts have spread nationwide!

Learn more about the opportunities Travis Brungardt & Joe Cook [owners of Catalyst Construction] have created for construction professionals to come together, share, and learn about best construction methods and practices.  Visit for an introduction to BS* and beer, or go to the website and click SYMPOSIUMS to see what’s coming up, and where.

In addition to bringing construction pros together, there’s an opportunity of sponsorship support for new or small business owners who could use some assistance in managing the logistics of attending one of these great symposium events.  Learn more at They are also working with major construction material & equipment manufacturers & suppliers to get great products into the hands of young people pursuing trade careers, through the instructors and institutions teaching them.  Watch for more to come on this new program.

For now … there is a Building Science Symposium coming up soon in Denver, with another soon to follow in Charlotte, North Carolina … and another series for 2024 will likely be announced thereafter. 

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