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We imagine that our blog title will get a lot of attention, but we’re writing to thank BS* + beer for their contribution to the Turner High School Building Trades Class!  Not BEER, but a $1000 donation to help cover cost of the ongoing wireless broadband connection that runs our P-Tn ProgressWEBCAM on site at the newest residential building project for the Building Trades Class.  P-Tn has donated the hardware, expertise, and an Online INTERFACE so the school and community can watch this 1-2 year building project as it happens … and enjoy a Time-lapse VIDEO of the entire build.

Read more about this project on previous e-NEWS plus+ BLOG POSTS;  HERE   HERE  and  HERE! 

Thank you to BS* + beer for stepping up to help make this unique site-monitoring system available.  A special thanks to Gabe Grider (pictured with Instructor Scott Hughes) for organizing the fundraising raffle that raised money to support Turner High, along with matching support for the Taylorville High School Building Trades Class (on a similar project) in Illinois.  All of the sponsors who donated materials – Catalyst Construction, Carpenters Local 315 of Kansas City, Badger Tool Belts, Tajima, Hardcore Hammers, Truewerk, Emu, Atlas 46, TEC, FineHomebuilding (for their #KeepCraftAlive partnership), Home 615 Construction Studios, Sashco, Rockwool, Rothoblass, Green Building Advisor, and Stego Industries – deserve another hearty thank you for helping out!  

 The Midwest Building Science Symposium, a popular BS* + beer event that will be held in Kansas City again on the 14th & 15th of September.  Visit the event held at Boulevard Brewery in last years’ VIDEOFor additional information, learn more online at 

Another thank you to Travis Brungardt and Joe Cook, owners of Catalyst Construction in Prairie Village, Kansas, who got the ball rolling on this donation, as they continue to support Instructor Scott Hughes and his Building Trades Class at Turner High Travis & Joe have a long history with P-Tn, and we’re pleased to be collaborating with them on another Kansas City Metro project. 

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