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We hope that many of our readers are familiar with the Kansas City Chapter of the BS* and BEER organization, along with the Midwest Building Science Symposium.  If you are NOT, there’s a great new website to learn about both!  The NEWLY REVISED and UPDATED website, has just recently launched!  Visit soon and find the true meaning of BS* (it’s not what you think; HINT – it stands for Building Science).  What’s more, there is a Symposium coming up in September, the Midwest Building Science Symposium, where you and other quality building professionals will come together to explore the true meaning of BS* and share their knowledge on that endless subject.  And YES, it will also involve BEER! 

The Symposium will be held at the Boulevard Brewing Company right here in Kansas City.  Tell your family, friends, relatives, and business associates that they can check out all the details, register, or step up to sponsor the event, when they visit the just-renovated BS* and BEER of Kansas City website.  CLICK HERE to visit right now. 

Here’s the OFFICIAL DEFINITION;  BS* and Beer is a local discussion group for builders, architects, engineers, tradespeople and anyone interested in better building. Building Science* is simply the laws of physics, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics applied to the building. We gather monthly at a brewery, pub or job site to discuss these topics in our industry, enjoy a few refreshments, and engage in the high performance building community. 

Key players in BS* and BEER of Kansas City include Catalyst Construction owners, Travis Brungardt & Joe Cook.  You’ll see them at the Fall Midwest Symposium, among many others who support and further the conversation on Building Science.  P-Tn has had a decades-long relationship with these two great guys, and we’ve had the privilege of being tasked to “renovate” the website.  Again … visit soon and learn about the BS* Discussion Group, the Fall Symposium, and the other activities that fellow builders in the area are sharing on the (new) site. 

REGISTER RIGHT AWAY for the Midwest Building Science Symposium coming up this fall (September 14 & 15th) at the Kansas City Boulevard Brewery.  Consider sponsoring and attending this or other upcoming MEETUPS announced on the site and become a PARTNER. 

Give P-Tn some thought as you browse the new site and remember our name if your website needs a facelift, or even if it needs full demolition and a ground-up rebuild.  We may be able to help get that done and keep your ‘new’ site running smoothly for the long term, with real monitoring and hosting guidance, and – of course – creation of professional quality content.  After all, we ARE photographers.  Don’t forget P-Tn, if you want to make improvements to your web presence; we can help you get there.  Perhaps you just need new photos/videos for your existing site! 

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