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A major online presence is not necessary for many businesses, but as you may already have suspected … “absence from the web is conspicuous”!  Time for P-Tn to announce a part of our service line-up that we’ve been handling ‘on the side’ when clients occasionally approach us to request some assistance with their web site.  We have a team of professionals on staff and on call than just might be of help.

TLC [tender-loving-care] may be all that’s lacking.  A web site is not intended to run on its own indefinitely.  There are programs, plug-ins, widgets, and more that need periodic updating or replacement.  Not to mention that search engines will begin to pass over your site if no content changes are detected.  We’re photographers at P-Tn, so we always encourage posting of new photographs, or adding some video content – whether you create it yourself, or hire us to do so.  Once its up and running, every site needs some degree of attention to keep it operating – and viable in the marketplace.  Our team can take a look from the outside, then from within, and alert you to issues that need attention or improvement.

Sometimes, no web site assistance is needed, because sometimes, you have no web site!  This may be your situation, as many small businesses are apprehensive about the cost – as well as the potential complexity of – establishing … and then maintaining – a business web site.  There are many options available for creating a basic web site on your own, and many small business owners opt to do so.  However, there is a lot to consider if you go down that road, as we’ve learned by maintaining our our site here at  Just establishing a presence online does not insure it will generate any results.  At the very least, some basic keywording and SEO programming, plus some method to measure the results, is needed to help determine if your investment is paying off.  Let me also mention that good quality images and video are crucial to capturing visitor interest, and keeping them online at your site.  So, if you’re going this route on your own, consider going a step or two beyond just the site, so it has a fighting chance to deliver benefits. 

Our initial step in offering web development to our clients who inquire, is focused on providing an inexpensive and basic site to get you started on the World Wide Web.  A modest investment to tell your company’s story.  This permits sharing of that information to all your business clients and prospects thru a convenient central platform.  It will deliver more information than the social media posting you may already be managing on your own, and will provide a target for those social posts, where you can invite people to learn more.

The NEWLY REVISED and UPDATED website, launched this summer!  Visit soon and find the true meaning of BS* ( it’s not what you think; HINT – it stands for Building Science ).  This site needed more than just TLC, so we rebuilt it from ground up, on a more stable – and economical – hosting platform.  This site now delivers an important message about Building Science for professional builders, but also provides schedule & registration information for multiple Building Science Symposiums nationwide each year.  P-Tn will provide site maintenance, to handle timely updating, and insure that is continues to run with proper updating in the future.

You may not have the time or personnel to keep on top of all that a web site demands.  Or, frankly, you simply don’t want to deal with this stuff – that’s OK.  This is a common scenario for web sites in small to medium sized businesses, and we’re available to help by making an initial audit of your site to find bugs or errors, check functionality, and make recommendations for correction or improvement.  Once you’re running smoothly, we’ll assist with periodic checks, updating, and – of course – upload photos or content if you haven’t the time.  Whatever you’d like, including managing your Social Media posts, if you’d like to be free of that headache.

Give P-Tn some thought as you browse the new site and remember our name if your website needs a facelift, or even if it needs full demolition and a ground-up rebuild.  We may be able to help get that done and keep your ‘new’ site running smoothly for the long term, with realistic monitoring and hosting guidance, and – of course – creation of professional quality content.  After all, we ARE photographers.  Don’t forget P-Tn, if you want to make improvements to your web presence; we can help you get there.  Perhaps you just need new photos/videos for your existing site! 

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