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Bridge construction and repair is unusual work, and so is capturing that work in aerial imagery that shares the unique logistics, processes, and skills needed to successfully complete this type of work. We are proud to have L.G. Barcus & Sons as a decades-old client. We’ve been photographing their pier-drilling operations and bridge building activities for a long time … and now we utilize our FAA Certified UAS-Drone Pilots to capture fascinating views of their crews completing their unique work in ways we could never have considered when using a helicopter or a fixed-wing airplane.  CLICK HERE for our VIDEO!

Our UAS 4K Drone aerial services have eclipsed our traditional aircraft shooting, especially for construction & real estate development documentation, and the advantages of dramatic low-altitude aerials of your project.  With our UAS-Drone approach, we can get “up-close and personal” with workers and equipment in out of the ordinary situations, in locations that are “above and beyond” where you might typically see construction crews working. This bridge repair involved removing and replacing bridge spans high above an active city thoroughfare – a complex procedure made more complex, due to that fact. In the end, of course, job done quickly and successfully … and we have the crucial part of the work captured in this video!

Not every job is this unusual, but your projects may be more unique than you think. So, give some thought to having P-Tn capture your current project before/during/after with dramatic AERIAL Imagery – both video footage AND still frame aerials for printing or sharing (we print and frame for ) WALL DISPLAY.

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