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Clearly this is NOT a picture of Willie Nelson, but we (our photographers at P-Tn) are “Back on the Road Again”!  That is the LaCygne, Kansas Power Plant on the right, high-voltage transmission lines on the left, and our Head Photographer and Drone Pilot (Travis Berndt) walking along another rural highway . . . We do this all the time – really.  We walk (or occasionally fly over) hundreds of miles of streets, roads, and highways – thousands of miles over the course of FIFTY YEARS in business.  Our photographers are documenting the existing conditions and damage along these thoroughfares to ensure that the truth is available should a question arise during or after construction work along the route.  Whether water or sewer pipelines, electrical improvements & lighting, sidewalks and curb repairs, or total roadway replacements … we provide a photo or video record for protection against misunderstandings or unjust disputes when questions come up.  Inexpensive insurance against unfair claims.

We’ve been doing this type of documentation since P-Tn began back in 1973!

This is not an exciting photograph, nor are the hundreds (or thousands) we might capture on a typical documentation assignment of this type.  We’re searching for, and recording, pavements conditions, cracks, settlement, previous repairs, deterioration, washouts, dead shrubs and trees, grass, driveway damage, sidewalk problems, mailboxes, light poles, signs … virtually everything along the construction route and just beyond the temporary construction easements.  Our objective is to show the true PRE-Construction condition of everything in and adjacent to the work zone, which might be affected by contractor activities.  We cover both sides of streets, drainage channels, property lines, etc., not just the centerline of the new construction.  That’s a lot of real estate and features, but anything could be the subject of a question or challenge later, so we do our best to record it all.

Our staff utilizes both still photography and videography for this work.  Video delivers more ‘information’ per dollar than any number of photographs can, but either method is invaluable – we often are required to provide BOTH – delivering an extra layer of protection for our clients.  Video does add motion of course, which can give a better sense of shapes and sizes, and our professional narration is almost constant – describing the scene, verifying the location, and detailing the conditions shown on camera.  UAS-Drone AERIAL OVERVIEWS can be employed to supplement with broad coverage of the construction route and work zones, but aerials cannot deliver the detail from simply walking the route on the ground.

ProgressPHOTOS can follow the construction activity as the project moves along, including photos below ground and while heavy equipment is working.  These photos can show what areas were affected, but the PRE-Construction record preserves what conditions were like before any work got underway.

When it’s all done . . . a POST-Construction photo or video record can be equally valuable to confirming that all areas were properly restored, and when the restoration was completed.  Should a question arise after the contractor has been off site for some time, the POST-Construction record may show that problems occurred after the work was done.

Whether PRE-Construction, during progress, or POST-Construction – or all three – P-Tn’s Visual Documentation is a valuable time and money saving form of insurance, that will aid in restoration, reduce or eliminate disputes, bypass unnecessary questions after the work, and establish a record of the entire project from beginning to end.  Just one or two disputes involving driveway replacements can pay for all the documentation for an entire project.  We’re happy to give you an estimate, or a formal proposal on any upcoming project.  P-Tn will satisfy your specification requirements when this scope of work is called for by the engineer or owner, or we can offer economical options when you choose to have us create this record just for your files.

Remember – WE TRAVEL! Especially on these PRE and POST-Construction documentation assignments.  Recent trips have taken us to project sites in Topeka & Columbus, KS., Denison, IA., Enid, OK., Chillicothe, MO., and Blair, NE., amongst other destinations.

Give us a call or email, and we’ll discuss protecting you on your next project.

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