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Yup, another bridge in the same month!  Actually, this work is something we do frequently, but it once again illustrates that P-Tn photographers or videographers are often in rural areas in Kansas, Missouri, NE, IA, OK, AR, and sometimes beyond – completing PRE-Construction documentation.   

This work is very much the same as the documentation work we routinely complete on construction projects in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  The point, of course, is that our teams handle projects throughout the (central) Midwest.  On this particular job, we provided video coverage of the area surrounding this rural railroad bridge, including the roadway below.  Also, a few marketing photographs were taken so our client can share the story now and later on, as those shots are combined with POST-Construction photos of the finished project.  We included a few Drone AERIAL photos and some video footage, too. 

Our LINKINGapp is utilized to deliver the documentation images so the contractor can easily find and review those PRE-Con photos or video, should a questions arise during construction, or after.  The video footage may be used to create a short story to share the project thru marketing. 

On some of these bridge projects, and for other remote projects – from street improvements, to athletic fields, to conventional building projects – P-Tn also offers the advantages of Online remote Site Monitoring or Security Monitoring.  This permits the office side of the team to be in closer touch with the field operations, and often includes capturing images to edit a Time-lapse video of the entire build, for process analysis or marketing and promotion. 

Our message is simple.  P-Tn delivers services far from Kansas City [READ MORE], and a wide range of Visual Documentation options are available.  Give it some thought – then give us a call to discuss what your might needs; we’ll work out a solution. 

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