Alt text: An aerial view from an airplane of the Kansas City, MO downtown area. | P-Tn


When a DRONE can’t do the job for our client’s aerials, we simply step-it-up with something bigger to get the altitude we need!  P-Tn Head Photographer Travis Berndt recently took to the air with a professional pilot to capture a special composition – for a special client — of downtown Kansas City.  We had to wait patiently for the ‘right’ weather conditions, and he hit the mark … clear skies, no clouds, and virtually no haze, thanks to a quick spring storm a day or two before.  This is a small digital image for online posting, but can you find . . . 1.) the KCTV Broadcast Tower (bright RED), 2.) the World War One Memorial, 3.) the Internal Revenue Service Complex, 4.) and Crown Center, 5.) how about Bartle Hall?, or 6.) the Downtown Airport?, or 7.) the Kit Bond Bridge?  How about our P-Tn logo? (no – we don’t own the aircraft; we DO own a current version of Photoshop).  Care to guess the make and model of aircraft?

Please remember P-Tn and AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY.  Most of our aerial work is photo or video using UAS-Drones, but we have been flying something (even a helium-filled blimp for a while) over the past FIFTY YEARS!

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