I’m clearly NOT flying a UAS-Drone in this photo!

P-Tn has been providing aerial photographs to clients for decades.  Our most recent aerial efforts include our UAS-Drone Aerial Imaging services, which are expanding at a rapid pace.  However, utilizing a fixed-wing airplane [or a helicopter] is always an option – a platform we’ve worked in since the 70’s.  In situations where our FAA Certified pilots cannot provide the solution you need from low-altitude drones, helicopters are ideal for the next altitude range (and they are suitable for capturing either video or photographs), with fixed-wing airplanes taking us to higher altitudes for photography of large development sites that might include portions of metro areas.  The point, of course, is that we will employ whichever aircraft we need to get the job done – your job done.

Let us know if we can fly something for you!

And remember to think … 4K Drone Aerial Imaging.
Whether shooting marketing photographs for promotional activities, or construction progress and Pre-Construction documentation, the use of a drone will elevate the impact of those photos or videos and provide a documentation vantage point that will deliver far more valuable information than standing on the ground.