Dondlinger Construction trucks and equipment drive on a road adjacent to the river showing Bowersock Dam in Lawrence, Kansas in the background


Check out the completed structure in this follow-up AERIAL VIDEO!  

We love this stuff!  For fifty years, and more, we’ve been photographing construction progress on projects large and small.  As founder, my first steps into the business of photography were my mud-covered boot prints on many a construction site.  This video edit from a recent AERIAL Progress Report for our client – Dondlinger Construction, HQ’d in Wichita, Kansas — shows how we do progress documentation on some jobs today, without getting our feet muddy, or even wet!  This project is unusually large in scope and area, not to mention the challenges of land & water in completing the work itself.  Our UAS-Drone delivers the ideal solution for capturing overviews and detail shots! CLICK HERE to view the aerial footage of Dondlinger Construction working at the Bowersock Dam construction site.

Perhaps you recognize the Kaw River and the Vermont & Massachusetts Street Bridges in Lawrence, Kansas.  That’s the Bowersock Dam under re-construction, along the south bank.  The last time we handled construction progress documentation at the Bowersock was the north re-build by L.G. Barcus & Sons some years ago; those aerials were captured using fixed-wing aircraft and was done before UAS-Drone technology had arrived.  P-Tn has also provided countless miles of pipeline and street improvement construction documentation and (after-completion) marketing photography for projects throughout the Lawrence area over the decades. 

Construction progress documentation remains our foundation to this day, although the method of recording progress has changed dramatically over the years … from black & white photos on 120 roll film and 35mm, to 6x7cm negative formats to eliminate cropping, negs to digital format, and then hi-res digital capture, as well as video recording and 360-PANORAMA imagery.  Add the drone flight capabilities on top of that for the latest in technology . . . with more innovations on the horizon. 

Have a look at a later flight showing the completed DAM STRUCTURE in March of 2022.

It all translates to the same result.  Providing our architecture / engineering / construction & real estate clients with important documentation information for reporting and sharing progress on a variety of projects.  PLUS, marketing-quality photographs and videos of completed success stories. 

We have a lot to offer our clients.  Some of you may know us for only one specialty, when we actually provide a number of other services that you may benefit from.  Hit our website SERVICES PAGE for more information, or simply give us a call to ask questions or let us know what you need. 

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