Photographer documenting construction project


P-Tn and our photographers have been busy throughout 2023 – thus far – and we hope the same has been true for all you, as well.  In addition to exceptional growth in the sheer number and scale of PRE-Construction PHOTO/VIDEO Documentation assignments we have received, we have handled more “non-documentation” work than we’ve seen in several years!  These assignments are more ‘creative’ in nature than our documentation imaging, and often involve finished building exterior views, nite shots of those buildings to show the lighting, interior views throughout, plus details of unique or difficult-to-build features.  Our drone pilots capture these same completed projects from the air, capturing photographs or editing short marketing videos.  We’ve also photographed some large employee team group portraits and created a number of personal on-location headshots – casual portraits of the people who get the work done, often captured on-site, where they actually do that work.

This snapshot shows one of our owner/photographers, Tim Berndt, capturing creative angles of one of J.M. Fahey Construction’s metropolitan area asphalt processing batch plants.  We’ve been climbing all over locations like this, and active construction sites, most of this year.

We’ll be sharing some of those photos as we move into fall and winter, as the opportunities for exterior building photography wanes until spring brings back the green grass and trees.  Learn more about how we might contribute to your social media, website, and office display or advertising content RIGHT HERE. If you’re thinking about architectural photos of a building, process plant, completed roadway … now is the time to think hard about scheduling.  Give us a call if we can help!

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