Collage with aerial & ground photos of RR bridge construction by P-Tn


We often create a collage of images for our clients, when shooting finished projects for marketing or promotional use, and especially when planning color enlargements for WALL DISPLAY. On our computer, we include smaller photos, or progress shots, within a large image of the finished project (like these three combined views). Now we have created a single digital image file, or finished print (that can be framed) illustrating brief story of your success – from beginning to end.

We use this same technique to include an “embedded” TITLE BLOCK in your finished image when we make wall display enlargements. This is especially effective when gifting framed prints to the project owner, engineer and/or architect, which now displays your company name (and LOGO?) for anyone who views the photograph.

We can do the same thing using VIDEO media, by utilizing still photographs as a slideshow, or editing video footage from before/during and after completion of a building or engineering project. Video is becoming ever more popular for social media sharing & posting, and for web site content. Let us edit a short video for you using photos you have, plus final video we shoot, so you can share your accomplishments with current and future clients, as well as your project team!

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