Reps presenting information for Owner Training at completion of a building project | P-Tn


Training of Owner Personnel on the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment systems and other new-building operations is an important aspect of project closeout.  Often, these sessions must be video recorded for the owner’s permanent archiving, and for their future use – a professional-quality presentation can be a valuable public relations accomplishment with that already satisfied client.

Not only do we handle this important closeout item for you, but we will deliver those videos on our LINKINGapp, organized and accessible by session title, for playback on any PC computer!  This sample uses our “old” workspace, but shows how user-friendly we make our DASHBOARD for Owner Training Video Viewing.  Best of all, our professional recording procedures provide quality video in on-site conditions, and wireless microphones that permit you to hear what the presenter is teaching.  We can ADD select closeout documents to your LINKINGapp, so the owner can easily access O&M Manuals, warranties, inspections, etc.

We routinely handle the recording of numerous individual training sessions, led by equipment suppliers at completion of any new building project, for the owner’s  facility personnel staff.  This lightens your load to focus on scheduling of those training sessions, and leaves the details of handling the video recording, audio sound recording (even in those noisy mechanical rooms)  using wireless mics on the presenters, lighting challenges & color balance (if extra or lighting adjustments are needed), coordinating Q&A sessions, video screen or computer monitor information, and any other logistics on site – indoors or out.  Our LINKINGapp is very popular for delivery, as it simplifies use of the training session for current and future personnel.  The owner’s staff will be able to find the session they need, and playing it will be as simple as a click of the mouse; they will appreciate the system you chose for delivery, and value it for years to come.  See our “NEW” Owner Training DASHBOARD.

This scores points with the owner and project design team, and can be expanded to include many other documents that are directly related to the Equipment Owner Training Sessions … warranties, operation & maintenance manuals, final inspection reports, and more.  All digitally assembled, and all in one place.

Impress the owner with quality Training Session Videos & closeout documents – have P-Tn build a LINKINGapp for your project closeout, or instruct your subs and suppliers to work with us to put it together, but be sure it is done right!