In-WALL or As-BUILT of M-E-P [Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing]


M-E-P In-WALL or As-BUILT Documentation creates a photographic record of virtually every square foot of all wall and ceiling spaces in new construction – after final inspection and prior to enclosure with drywall or ceiling tiles.   This record shows the location, type, and installation details of all Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing within a new building.  Future maintenance, remodeling, and repairs are facilitated by knowing exactly how & where these systems are routed inside the walls, and above the ceilings.  It is an invaluable archive that can be expanded to include images before concrete is poured for floors and columns, as well as pre-construction site clearing, total-building documentation at time of occupancy, owner training sessions, etc.

Our LINKINGapp delivers this extensive documentation in an all-digital format that permits easy viewing of any photographs (or video recordings), simply by using the original plan sheets from construction.  Consider including equipment operation manuals, warranty certificates, final inspection reports, and other construction reports & certifications.  This same type of total-structure documentation will be a valuable asset as a pre-demolition or remodeling record on renovation projects.

M-E-P provides short AND long-term value to contractors, subs, designers, and – especially – building owners.  At critical stages or building milestones, P-Tn professionals photograph [using video to supplement, as needed] the entire interior or exterior of your building structure, creating a permanent visual record of all conditions, and showing all mechanical systems that will later be covered-up.  The value of having a thorough, quality, permanent visual record of these systems – As-BUILT – is significant.  Such a record is invaluable in the event of problems from system failures, disputes relating to subcontractor performance, insurance documentation, and a visual reference to compare with as-built drawings and construction close-out paperwork.  This is a form of  I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E“Visual Insurance”!  Know where systems and features are before remodeling or repairs are initiated.  Our LINKINGapp  will link all photos and/or video clips directly to the plan sheets; simply click an arrow to see a photo or click a highlighted line to play a video clip.

This is the time to introduce iPlanTables Wide-format Interactive Touchscreen Workstations as the solution for permanent archiving of these and other project closeout electronic files.  In one place, all critical ‘paperwork’ from your project is stored for facility manager and maintenance staff access, whenever needed.  Including an iPlanTables Workstation or iWallMount unit in the building will insure that those documents remain with the new building, and are readily available for years to come.  iPlanTables / iWallMount.