P-Tn’s  wide selection of photo – digital – video capabilities in our service line-up has applications throughout the construction and engineering industries.  Our staff researches local and regional construction projects to find specification requirements for photographic or video documentation – and we submit formal proposals for that work whenever possible.

Whether called for in the specs, or a consideration for your own protection and archives, you are encouraged to contact us.
Email Tim at:  to request a quotation or estimate for Visual Documentation of your project.

The project specifications on many current projects contain wording created or edited by our staff, detailing requirements for shooting and submitting project photos, videos, and related documents.  We assist in revising or updating specs, and we are available to inform estimators & designers of current processes and technology for professional Visual Documentation.

Do you want to require a professional photographer or videographer to insure quality, or do you need a site webcam, perhaps the latest UAS-drone Aerial Imaging, Owner Training videos where you can actually hear the presenter, an iPlanTable installed in your new building’s facility management office, or something else … whatever that might be?
Please contact our staff to be involved in this rewrite process by sharing input on what you WANT, or how to avoid receiving what you DON’T want!

Download our BASIC SPEC WORDING starter sheet in PDF-format, or CLICK HERE to download (our older) spec suggestions.